Posted by: acfixerdude | December 21, 2011

It takes 3 cycles to dry my towels!

Hi there!

A lot of dryer complaints center around taking too long to dry things. There are many things that could be wrong with your dryer but sometimes it is not the dryer’s fault at all!

In order to see if the dryer is the culprit, a simple test can be conducted. Disconnect the dryer from the dryer vent and run a cycle. A load of towels should take no longer than 45-60 minutes to completely dry. If the dryer works great once you disconnect the vent then you have a venting problem (usually in the crawl space or between walls) and the dryer ducting  needs to be cleaned or repaired.  We can clean dryer ducts (properly installed ones that are to code) up to 20ft long but if it is much longer or needs repair (where there’s no access) we can’t do it and a contractor that does that type of work needs to be contacted.

If the dryer is still giving you trouble you can call your local appliance repair company (Salem Appliance Repair if in the Salem, Oregon area) and have them do what they do best.

Thank you for reading and we at Salem Appliance Repair wish you happy holidays!


  1. If I got a nickel for every time a customer just had to clean out their vents, I wouldn’t have to be repairing appliances!

  2. But wouldn’t it still produce heat?? Mine isn’t outputting any heat.

    • Yes. If there is bad circulation of air there should still be heat if everything else is working properly.

      If your dryer is working but has no heat then you likely have a bad element (if electric) or if you have a gas dryer a bad thermal fuse or ignitor.

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