Posted by: Kelly | January 9, 2011

With age comes rewards…

I’ve always offered a 10% senior discount on labor to two types of customers: the obvious seniors as well as the customers with the brass to ask for one. I offer it because of several reasons; respect, fixed monthly incomes, word of mouth and just to do what I can to help out.

I turned 50 last year and just recently started getting the AARP mailings and I’ve realized that I’m getting towards that age myself. Because of this I’ve decided to start advertising this discount and hopefully I will find my own treasure trove of senior discounts in the future.


The discount is as follows:

10% off service call and labor costs, not to include parts or out of town mileage (if applicable).

Please mention the discount before I start writing your invoice so I don’t forget.


Thank you for your continued business – Kelly



  1. Kelly Moore responded to my phone call. Had contacted several other repair companies because my refrigerator had stopped cooling. Received one other call back. Sears could not come until the next day although the refrigerator was purchased there.

    The refrigerator was repaired. I was shown how to prevent a recurrence, and given the part that failed. The charge was reasonable. The refrigerator is restocked and I will definitely call them again.

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