Posted by: Kelly | March 14, 2010

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Top Notch!‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Timothy – Mar 14, 2010
After “Googling” what felt like every possible way to search for a repair person in my area to fix my front loading Whirlpool washing machine… I came across Salem Appliance Repair. It should be said I had already set an appointment a week out with the Appliance & Refrigeration Hospital. I had also called an extensive number of other repair businesses and left messages. I reached Kelly Moore @ Salem Appliance Repair, and from the get go, liked what I was hearing. I explained my error code/issue I was having with my washing machine; it appeared he knew exactly what was needed to repair. Instead of taking advantage of the situation and he with the knowledge and I with the problem, he attempted to walk me through over the phone on how to repair. After a few minutes of explaining, and my fear of making the problem worse if I attempted to repair, I asked if he would be available to come out and repair. He said ok, and arranged a time (1:00 PM PST – Same day!). About 11:30 AM PST same day, he called and said that he would be available to come by earlier, I gladly accepted. He arrived a few minutes later. After greeting him, and he becoming friendly with my two dogs, the real work began. He knew exactly where to go on the washing machine to get to the pump, exposing to me where the real technical manual was (inside the washing machine service panel – I would have appreciated the user manual letting me know that, but it did not), he identified to me the pump and what was needed to access. He, knowing there was going to be some water coming out of the pump when he opened it, requested a few cookie sheets (later switched to a deeper broiler pan) to catch the water. Boom, it was like magic… after the water stopped trickling out, he removed the “cap/valve” from the pump, removing the filter. In the filter, 3 quarters, 8 dimes, 2 pennies, 1 bobby pin, a pebble, and a small amount of picket fuzz. He dumped those over into my hand and put the filter back in, attached the front panel, and began the cycle over on the washing machine… worked like a charm. All of his work was completed in 12 minutes, meeting the minimum service call which included 20 minutes of labor. Here is the nut of the story: Salem Appliance Repair is knowledgeable, friendly, and cost effective. Their cost to come on site was significantly less the ARH, which included 20 minutes of labor, where as ARH did not. In addition, Salem Appliance Repair has an hourly labor charge that is also significantly less that ARH and allows for the fractioning of 15 minutes. After Salem Appliance Repair was onsite, I feel confident this is something that if it happens again (which likely it will as its everyday pocket change) I will have the knowledge to repair myself. However, if something else comes up with my washing machine that I am not privy to knowing how to repair, Salem Appliance Repair will be my “only” option. There is plainly no reason to refuse such great and affordable service. (If you are curious, I was quick to call ARH back and cancel my appointment – did I mention, it was a week out and Salem Appliance Repair was able to come by the same day?) « Hide

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Five star‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Katie – May 27, 2009
Excellent service. Works hard for you and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Affordable repair with expensive sevice. Very happy with the service received and the cost is very reasonable and affordable.‎

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    “Finding an HONEST appliance repair technician seems to be like finding hen’s teeth…but, I finally located a super professional (factory trained) with 30 years experience. Used Salem Appliance Repair’s web site: http://salem-appliance…/ and was able to get a prompt appointment. Kelly showed up when requested…the $45 service call was $30 to $55 cheaper than most others…and he diagnosed the problem within a half-hour…all for $45! After obtaining the needed parts for our Maytag washer, he returned the next day (called 45 minutes early to ask if we wanted him to come a bit early…hello!!)…he did a thorough job of installing the new washer motor and control board (a pretty major job) in a bit over an hour…tested everything…cleaned up…all for $60 in labor. We now have a virturally new washing machine…and it runs smoother and quieter than ever! His main job is to provide you with a solution to your problem…he’s not out to rip you off…would recommend Salem Appliance Repair unconditionally…GREAT JOB!”

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